Bodylastics portable exercise equipment will enable you to get an amazing workout in your hotel room or anywhere else!
Welcome, I am Blake Kassel and I am the creator of Bodylastics portable exercise equipment. In 1996 we set out to create a portable exercise tool that would enable anyone to get an incredible workout anytime, anywhere. Well, after a year an a half of testing and 10 prototypes we launched the Bodylastics Super System.

What separates Bodylastics from the rest of the portable exercise equipment products on the market is that our unique design will enable you to change the level of resistance. This means that similar to free weights and the large gym machines, each muscle group can be worked to the max. In fact, Bodylastics is so effective that we go head to head with Bowflex on a daily basis. Click here to compare our 1.5 lb, $50 portable exercise equipment to Bowflex.

The resistance "engine" that makes Bodylastics so versatile is a user friendly system of exercise tubes that is totally adjustable.


Wait! Will my muscles get bigger or toned with anything but weights?


You bet! First let me give you a quick lesson on your muscles and how they react to resistance. It's pretty simple, really. When you overload your muscle with resistance your muscle will have to adapt. How's it going to adapt? It is going to have to become stronger. How will it become stronger? It will have to get bigger. This is the principle of adaptation.

The greatest fact about working your muscle against resistance is that your muscle does not know the type of resistance it is. Yes, it's true, your muscle is blind. It will not know whether you are working against free weights, machines or exercise tubes.

I have met many bodybuilders and power lifters who have added muscle and strength using exercise tubes. Bodylastics is the best portable exercise equipment because it enables you to create a great deal of resistance!


Who am I and why should you listen to me?


Who am I and why should you listen to me? My name is Blake Kassel simply put, I have already tried it all. I had my first set of free weights when I was 13, a Soloflex when I was 15, and joined one of the first hard-core bodybuilding gyms in NYC (Madison Avenue Muscle) when I was 16.

I designed this product for the harshest critic - me! There are so many flimsy exercise products on the market, and forget portable exercise equipment. Most of it is garbage.

When I received the final prototype or Bodylastics in 1998, I was so excited that I opened it in the doorway and clipped all four elastics on to the handles. After performing only one rep of Standing Biceps Curl - I knew immediately that I had to go into full production and sell it to the masses.

We have over 80,000 satisfied customers and are even used by the US Marines and Coastguard. I am 100% positive that you will say the same thing that I did the first time that used it, "WOW!"

If you still need to be convinced take a look around the site and see who we are and what we offer.

I truly LIVE for your emails!
Blake Kassel
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Bodylastics is designed for everyone including: Bodybuilders, busy mothers, new mothers, working dads, working moms, fitness pros, personal trainers, movie stars, older adults, baby boomers, athletes, models, people that want to lose fat, people that want to gain muscle and anyone who wants to improve their health but does not want to spend big bucks on a Bowflex.

Bodylastics portable exercise equipment has been featured in several national publications: Glamour, New Woman, Delta Sky, The New York Post, Woman's World, Jane, Cooking Light, Self, Fitness, Men's Exercise, Prevention, "You Gotta Read This", Essence, Self and Fitness. And many more exclusive articles are on the way!! The Bodylastics fever is catching on! Our testimonials are amazing even us! Isn't it about time that someone looked out for your financial fitness and better interests? Something that actually delivers and something that you can afford is finally here. We are Bodylastics Int'l Inc.


Bodylastics Comes with A full 90-day unconditional warrantee
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